Our Pediatric Dentists are Dr. James and Dr. Sara.   Both are very professional with children with many years of successful experience.    Our pediatric department offers full scope of services to  accommodate different needs to our  patients.   Among these are ORAL SEDATION, IV CEDATION and GENERAL ANASTHESIA.  For those who prefer “NO SEDATION/LOCAL ANESTHETIC ONLY" option,  Dr Sara is well known for working miracles with kids and treating them without sedation. Our pediatric dentists are committed to providing excellent dental treatment and friendly, personalized environment  to our patients.  They always make sure that the little ones obtain the best possible care.   They are great pediatric dentists committed to serving in the community and are strong advocates for children's oral health.  They are board-certified and emphasize the prevention, education and quality care o have healthy smiles for life.


Our orthodontic department provides a full scope of treatment as well as digital pano/ceph lab for your convenience.  We have obtained all the tools to provide the best and fastest possible service.  We are also one of the very few orthodontic practices that accepts medical patients, as well as most of the other insurances. Our practice emphasizes that adults and children may have different needs, and require different approach and care. We work with the patients to ensure that they receive appropriate treatment, and that their needs are met with understanding, respect, and full commitment from us. Our experienced team at the office works very hard to ensure  each patient's comfort .  We are very excited to be there to help people. It is wonderful to watch our patients grow and succeed in their individual lives, while building relationships with our patient families.  Each and every day is a new challenge for us and experience that makes coming to work much more enjoyable!


Oral/Maxillofacial surgeons are dental specialists who treat conditions, defects, injuries and esthetic aspects of the mouth, teeth, jaws, and face.  We care for patients who have such conditions as problem wisdom teeth, facial pain, misaligned jaws and TMJ disorder.  We welcome accident victims with facial injuries and offer reconstructive and dental implant surgery.  Our Oral Surgery department cares for patients with tumors and cysts of the jaws, and functional and esthetic conditions of the maxillofacial areas.  We offer full mouth implant reconstructions and mini-implants for patients with dentures.   We do provide General Anesthesia services to eliminate the pain and stress for our patients.  With specialized knowledge in pain control and advanced training  our maxillofacial  surgeon is able to provide quality care with maximum patient comfort and safety in the office setting.  Pano/Ceph digital lab is also available on premises.   We accept Medi-Cal and most of the other insurances.



Get everything done within
minutes. It is the luxury
of our dgital Pano & Ceph Lab. Have your images printed in hi resolution, emailed or take them on a disk or a flash card. Photogrammetry (ortho photo graphy) services are also avalable.